The team aims to develop an environmental health monitoring and assessment framework/methodology through a multidisciplinary approach. The Civil Engg. Department of IITM carries out environmental sampling,  the National Institute of Epidemiology (NIE) develops the survey methodology based on findings and executes the study and CTaP coordinates the process and evolves a policy paper to engage with the government. The pilot will be conducted in Athipet in Ambattur municipality and the main study will be conducted at Perungudi.


Ligy Philp, Indumathi Nambi, Shiva Nagendra, Anju and Jyoti – Dept. of Civil Engineering, IITM 

Dharmesh Shah and Rakhal Gaitonde – CTaP

A.Elangovan and H.Prabhu – National Institute of Epidemiology 

Janani Priya Nithyanandham (Project Associate)