Centre for Technology and Policy (CTaP)

CTaP is motivated by two key questions:

1. How can IITMs cutting edge R&D work be leveraged to address public policy challenges?

2. How can Science and Technology be made an integral part of policy making processes?

IITM is uniquely placed in making substantial contributions to national policy making processes in the priority areas of energy, water, healthcare, telecom, and education. In this context, the Center for Technology and policy (CTaP) is looking to provide hitherto unavailable analyses and strategy options to the national policy making bodies, by leveraging IITM’s cutting edge research activities in the areas of water and sanitation, energy systems, human healthcare, and educational technologies. The Center promotes action-oriented and strong inter-disciplinary approach involving the engineering and social science faculties as well as the incubation centers of the Institute.

Working Groups

Waste Management and Environmental Health

Technology and School Education System

Universal Health Coverage

Medical Technologies – Society and Healthcare Policy